Being Present!

July 27, 2020

With all the things that happen on a day-day basis in this ministry it is easy to take things for granted.  Of course, I am referring to the miracles we have the privilege to experience each and every day serving God.  I have been guilty of delaying blogging our Outreach experiences for some time now because honestly there are always other things that demand my attention.  The truth is, I am letting God down by not taking the time to share these experiences -experiences that prove we have a God that is ever present in our moments of life.

A recent event is probably the best way to start sharing in a blog about God's love and how He is present in the moment because of the intricate manner in which He weaves the following stories together for a wonderful purpose.

We were recently on Outreach in a marginalized neighborhood where the most incredible story unfolded.  There were four of us out on this particular Outreach giving away a free lunch, along with diapers, cereal, etc.  Two of us decided to offer some of the items door-to-door as the weather was quite warm and people weren't venturing out as they did the last time we came.  This left two of the team to take care of distributing the food and items.

One of the team left to help a woman carry her items to her home now leaving a single team member to carry the load.  This particular team member has had so much happen in her own life in the last few years, it would take another Blog to tell that story.  Although we love her dearly and she is capable of so much love for others despite the loss of a husband, son and daughter-in-law in the span of a year, her confidence is not the strongest.  She, like many of us, can't believe that God could possibly use someone like us to reach people.....but she was about to find out.  If she had been with any of the team, she would have stood back allowing someone else to intervene in what was about to happen.  God chose her.

A middle aged woman approached the table looking for food.  A conversation was started and the woman shared a painful story that had occurred the previous day.  Her son and daughter-in-law had split up, with her 9-month old grandson remaining with his mom.  Her heart was broken over the family split.  She went on to explain that the other day her daughter-in-law had placed the baby in the bathtub, water running and had got side-tracked by a phone ringing in the other room.  Forgetting the boy was in the tub, she frantically returned when she heard his screams.  The boy was submerged in hot water and suffered 3-degree burns to 70% of his little body!  The mom was mortified.  With the Covid virus dictating the hospital visits, the family were not allowed by the boys side in the hospital.  This woman, the grandmother was broken, desperate and heavily burdened by these events.  She ends up face to face with a woman who too know pain, suffering and hopelessness - but also knows that Jesus is the strength needed to get through it!

Venturing out of her comfort zone, she asks the woman if she can pray with her and the woman readily accepts the offer.  Upon returning to our location, we spot the woman leaving as as we her if she took advantage of the items we had to give away, she returns a smile and says to us, "I got a whole lot more.  That woman over there (our team member) prayed with me and I really need that at this moment."  How absolutely awesome is that!  Very actually!

God uses us to reach one another every day.  We can allow ourselves to be used or we can decline believing we have nothing to offer.  He two this day....a woman that needed to understand that she is worthy to be used by the Potter and the other woman that need to know that she is loved, comforted and thought of by the Master.  God is awesome!