Welcome to the Urban Haven Project

The Urban Haven Project is a community outreach to those in the greatest need in London with the intent to bring hope and dignity back into the lives of those struggling to maintain an acceptable quality of life.

The very core of the our model is built on developing relationships.

Founded in 2016, the Urban Haven Project offered a variety of different programs and advocacy services that have resulted in helping over 20,000 people get their life back on track.

Today we focus on outreach right into the neighborhoods.....where people live to make an incredible impact on lives that have little hope.  It's safe, it's real and it's a tangible way to show people that Urban Haven cares about people!

Our main goals are to:

  • Foster friendships, conversation and participation through validation.
  • Work with individuals of all walks of life to give them a plan and purpose for their future.
  • Offer access to various community services through advocacy.
  • Bringing our services right where people live - dignity and safety!

Whether it's $1, $10, $100 or more, all of what we offer to those in need would not be possible without people like you.  When you give you are part of the solution!  It's as easy as an on-line donation to urban haven project through canadahelps.org